About this Research...

This is a part of a summer research job at the Rochester Institute of Technology's (RIT) Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science, under the direction of Jinwei Gu. This job is the result of a desire to build my skills as an Imaging Scientist and depart a little from my previous work with Polynomial Texture Mapping (a project which can be found here).

Your Humble Narrator

As you read through this wiki, I suppose it might be important to know a little about the person behind all of this research and testing. That would be me, Kevin Dickey. I'm an undergraduate student currently going into my second year in the Imaging Science program at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Last year, I was involved heavily in the Carlson Center's new Innovative Freshman Experience program, which gave us the task of creating a fully functional, automated Polynomial Texture Mapping Device. More on that project can be found at http://ife2010.wikispaces.com.

I was drawn to this particular line of research after reading a paper entitled "An LED-Only BRDF Measurement Device" (which has been the basis for some of my research). It was a slick technology that built on a little-known function of a common and inexpensive item, and it used some technology that I had already received a basic exposure to (microcontrollers, use of LEDs, mounting lights in a hemispherical device).

Outside of the world of academia, I enjoy biking and photography (you know, imaging things that are pretty). Any inquiries about this project, my research (past or present), or dinner offers may be sent to ktd5713@rit.edu.